Hair Up Styles (27)

There’s no better feeling than leaving the hair salon with a stunning and refreshing updo! Wearing your hair up is a great way to add glamor to your look. Updos are always in vogue and there is a wide range of styling options to choose from. Scroll down for photos and hair up inspiration!
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  • Hair styled up to fake a pixie cut
  • Romantic vintage updo with rolled hair
  • Bohemian inspired hairstyle with braids
  • Glossy updo with wet look gel styling
  • Up-style with the hair directed to one side
  • High updo with curled hair
  • Up-style inspired by the Mohawk look
  • Hairdo with a silk scarf wrapped around the head
  • Bun with a silk scarf wrapped around it
  • Updo with a side bun and a silk scarf
  • Updo with loose ends and a messy chignon
  • Pulled back hair with a banana roll
  • Updo with curls and braided accents
  • Blonde hair with a braided chignon
  • Roped up-style with a hovering quiff
  • Hair with a rolled up braid above the forehead
  • Updo with a frontal chignon and loose strands
  • Up-style with side-braiding
  • Party hairstyle with knots and curls
  • Partially braided up-style with a bun like structure
  • Half updo with a ponytail and ethnic elements
  • Up-style with bangs
  • French roll with clip-in extensions
  • Hairline braid with a twisted bun
  • Half Mohawk with braiding
  • Hairstyle with a messy bun
  • Hairdo with a sock bun and colored extensions
  • Stylish updo with a casual loose knot
  • Up-style with a teased back and a hairband
  • more up-styles

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