Modern Updos (26)

In need of ideas for a stylish updo for long, medium or short hair? Do you want a fresh look for a wedding, prom night or a party? It is important to choose a style that suits your personality, because wearing your hair up will transform your entire look. Keep on scrolling and check out the below photos of contemporary updos!
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  • Look with smooth hair and Afro hair combined
  • Smooth semi up-style with retro elements
  • Folded hair with crimping
  • Updo with a high quiff and curled sides
  • Hairstyle with crimping for a rasta effect
  • Half-updo for mid-back length crimped hair
  • Romantic hairstyle with vintage elements
  • Smooth hairdo with a side chignon
  • Long and smooth blonde ponytail
  • Hair tucked in a turtleneck collar
  • Fun up-style for red hair
  • Updo with curls and sleek sides
  • Mohawk inspired up-style with crimped sections
  • Hairstyle with a ponytail and a thick braid
  • Above the ears hairdo with a braided ornament
  • High updo with a rows of braids
  • Hairstyle with a pinned herringbone braid
  • Up-style with a simple bun and bangs
  • Loose up-style with a messy effortless appeal
  • Easy to create hairstyle with a high ponytail
  • Hairdo with a bouncy lifted ponytail
  • Updo with a large chignon for wavy hair
  • Updo that looks like a short haircut
  • Updo to make your hair look like a bob
  • Hair pinned up to look like a bob
  • Up-style with asymmetry and waved bangs
  • Fresh up-style with a loose bun
  • Neat daytime updo that keeps hair out of your face
  • Hairdo with a four-strand braid
  • more up-styles

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