Hairstyles for Special Occasions (22)

A formal occasion like a wedding, prom or graduation calls for special hair and added flair. Updos are always a good idea and they work well for every hair type because there are so many options to choose from. Whether you're looking for bridal updos or prom hairstyles, scroll down for ideas and inspiration!
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  • Hairstyle with a braid rolled to a bun
  • Updo with a sporty pouf on top of the head
  • Hair styling with influences from around the globe
  • Casual updo with sleekness
  • Up-style with curled bangs
  • Hair with sides that cling to the head
  • Hairdo with a twisted ponytail
  • Braided hair for a farm girl look
  • Hairstyle with interlacing braids
  • Glamorous hair with a thick side ponytail
  • Turban made of wide sections of hair
  • Updo made of multicolored hair
  • Fake chin length bob with curls
  • Up-style with a long side ponytail
  • 1950s updo with sleek and strict hair
  • Hairstyle with a front chignon
  • Fashionable blonde updo with a braid
  • Classy up-style with a voluminous top
  • Up-style with a loose braid
  • Hairstyle with tiny curls on the side
  • Elegant up-style that opens up the face
  • Hairdo with a loose unkempt knot
  • Medieval hairstyle with braiding
  • Hairdo with curls that circle around the head
  • Simple up-style for formal events
  • Romantic hairstyle with two braids
  • High rising hair with teasing
  • Updo with braids and different shades of blonde
  • Blonde up-style with a braided hairband
  • more up-styles

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