Fashionable Up-Styles (21)

Sometimes a simple updo is all you need to be stylish and to stand out from the crowd. A gorgeous hairstyle that keeps your hair up and off your neck and face. There are a lot of options to choose from: chignons, buns, knots, braids, ponytails … Whatever your reason to wear your hair up, you’ll find inspiration below!
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  • asymmetrical updo for a wedding
  • romantic wedding upstyle
  • wedding hair with roses
  • Indian wedding hair
  • wedding hair with a veil
  • simple upstyle
  • casual updo
  • rolled braids
  • updo with a bow tie
  • blonde chignon
  • hair braided to the side
  • updo with the side hair taken to the back
  • professional upstyle
  • updo with a rolled front
  • festive updo for natural curls
  • very high curly updo
  • elaborate updo
  • braided bangs
  • high updo with red curls
  • up-style for a strapless dress
  • updo for hair with undercut sides
  • semi updo with curls
  • hair styled into a cone
  • woven hair
  • woven updo
  • ancient upstyle
  • peasant look
  • braided headband
  • K-Pop style updo
  • more up-styles

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