Festive Updos (20)

There are updos suitable for any hair length and there are lots of options. They are all the rage, both for formal and casual occasions. A beautiful updo will make your festive event an even more memorable moment. Here is inspiration for the prettiest updos for festive occasions!
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  • romantic side braid
  • bun in the for of a seashell
  • knotted hair updo
  • Gretchen braids
  • updo with a high knot
  • updo with a knotted quiff
  • braided mohawk
  • turban shaped updo
  • updo with Greek elements
  • long hair arranged with twisting
  • upstyle with teasing
  • curly updo for copper hair
  • upstyle with straight bangs
  • long thick braid
  • tousled updo
  • half updo
  • updo with a large bun
  • updo that gives an impression of short hair
  • updo with a headband
  • twisted knot
  • upstyle with a high chignon
  • updo for hair with curls
  • French twist
  • easy updo for the evening
  • side ponytail
  • curled upstyle
  • sleek updo
  • updo with a large quiff
  • updo with the hair pulled to one side
  • more up-styles

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