Upstyles & Partial Upstyles (18)

Looking for hair styling ideas and inspiration for an upcoming wedding, prom, graduation, party or any other special event? You can’t go wrong with a stylish updo. Upstyles are chic, elegant and practical to wear on a special day. Here are some stunning upstyles to inspire you!
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  • fanned chignon
  • rolled hair
  • updo with curls
  • festive updo
  • festive hairstyle with rolls
  • knot high on the crown updo
  • reversed pony tail
  • updo with crimped hair
  • triangle hair shape
  • special occasions hairstyle
  • hippy inspired hair
  • peasant style hair
  • rolled bangs
  • governess look updo
  • ponytail updo
  • high ponytail
  • ponytail up-style
  • hairdo with the sides pulled back
  • braiding with a scarf
  • ponytail hairdo
  • thick bun
  • updo with a quiff
  • French twist
  • opera updo
  • ponytail updo
  • large rolled bun
  • asymmetrical updo
  • multistrand braid updo
  • up-style with the hair rolled up
  • more up-styles

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