Pixies and Short Hairstyles (97)

Short hair is very versatile. Without too much styling effort, short hairstyles for women can be sleek, messy, punky, … There are so many great things to do with short hair that there’s no way you won’t look unique! Be different and try it out. You might just surprise yourself!
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  • short hair with extensions
  • short hair with layers
  • sleek hair with spikes
  • short hairstyle with long extensions
  • red hair with orange highlights
  • rose hair color
  • hair with metallic colors
  • copper and gold hair
  • silver hair
  • ruby red hair
  • curled chin length hair
  • pink hair
  • punk inspired pixie
  • short form fitting hair
  • short cut with volume
  • smooth short hair
  • bob with deep side bangs
  • flexible round haircut
  • casual chic hairstyle
  • teased and lifted up hair
  • short hair with long bangs
  • blonde hair with black streaks
  • ruby red hair
  • radiant red hair
  • close-fitting cap of hair
  • soft short hair
  • easy to wear bob
  • curly blonde bob
  • jagged bob
  • more short hairstyles

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