Modern Styles for Short Hair (96)

Ever get the urge to chop your hair off? It can be fun and empowering to make a significant change to your hair. Short hair is modern, stylish and versatile. There are plenty of ways to go short and turn heads. Scroll on for modern short hairstyles that will inspire your next salon visit.
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  • Sleek platinum blonde bob with bangs that cover half of the forehead
  • Practical short haircut with tips that frame the face
  • Pixie cut with disheveled styling and mini sideburns
  • Sporty and elegant short hairstyle with a side fringe
  • Short haircut with narrow sides and the top hair styled up
  • Very short platinum blonde pixie haircut with soft lines
  • Blonde pixie with a clipper cut nape and spiked up hair
  • Short blonde hair with jagged edges and purple streaks
  • Elegant chin length bob with bouncy curls
  • Chin length hairstyle featuring long bangs with a curved fall
  • Very short bob with points that curl in
  • Classic short haircut with a longer back and a glossy surface
  • Short hairdo with layering and tips that curl up
  • Short hair with styling for big and round volume
  • Short out of the face hairstyle with smooth waves
  • Very short women's hairstyle with clipper cut sections
  • Very short ear length bob with a graduated neck and blunt bangs
  • Short hairstyle with a buzzed undercut and sideburns
  • Short haircut with a steep neckline and curls
  • Spiky short hair with a color play of copper and blonde
  • Short A-line bob with hair color streaks
  • Pixie cut with wide bangs that cover the eyebrows
  • Short haircut with clipper cut sides for black hair
  • Very short haircut with shaved sides and a quiff for women
  • Modern short hair design with long and very sleek bangs
  • Sleek bob with jaw length sides and wide bangs
  • Short hair with curved lines and a clipper cut section
  • Sleek and satiny short hair with angled bangs
  • Short red hair with a shaved section
  • more short hairstyles

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