The Latest Short Haircuts (91)

Have you been feeling the need for a change? A good short haircut can completely transform your face and boost your confidence. You may know why you want to cut your hair short, but maybe you need some inspiration. Scroll down and discover short hairstyles that are sure to change the way you look at short hair.
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  • Short flipped back hair with layers and feathered out ends
  • Just above the chin bob with bangs that cover the eyebrows
  • Short disconnected haircut with several hair lengths
  • Short hairstyle with layers and large vintage waves
  • Tomboy inspired pixie haircut with soft feminine texture
  • Short silver hair with long across the forehead bangs
  • Women's haircut with a clipper cut back and a curly front
  • Short round hairstyle that accentuates the face
  • Ear length bob with lifted roots for volume and lightness
  • Blonde chin length bob with soft and wispy edges
  • Airy pixie cut with lifted roots and top volume
  • Ear length hairstyle with feathered up hair that exposes the face
  • Tomboyish short haircut with fine layers and texturing
  • Chin length bob with diagonal bangs and a curve
  • Short bob with flipped out ends and a trapeze shape
  • Short hairstyle with a triangle shape and large waves
  • Short bowl cut hair with texture all around
  • Short haircut with the hair flipped sideways in the bangs
  • Blonde above the shoulders hairstyle with movement and volume
  • Sleek short bob with pointy tips and above the eyebrows bangs
  • Short hair with surprising texture, highlights and lowlights
  • Short layered haircut with feathery texture and spikes
  • Short blonde hair with cropped layers and floating bangs
  • Boyish short haircut with layers for women
  • Short black hair with sleek styling and green streaks
  • Pixie cut for raven black hair with green color splashes
  • Short haircut with layers and styling with the fingers
  • Black bowl cut hair with soft point cut tips
  • Blonde bob with the lower edge styled inward
  • more short hairstyles

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