Latest Short Hairstyles (89)

Taking the chop? The shorter, the better? Choosing the right hairstyle is essential when it comes to any haircut, but it’s even more important when you are dramatically decreasing the length of your hair. Here are hair ideas to inspire your next salon visit.
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  • Professional short hairstyle for women
  • Short blonde retro hairstyle with finger waves and curls
  • Short haircut with reversed layers and a partially graduated nape
  • Short hairstyle with curls and sleek eyebrow length bangs
  • Expressive and very short haircut for women
  • Short bob with layers that start at half length
  • Short haircut with intense texture and short curved bangs
  • Short vintage inspired hair with forward jutting section
  • Asymmetrical hairstyle with a combination of hair lengths
  • Blonde just below the chin bob with waves
  •  Eccentric short hair with a swirl on the forehead
  • Short bob that follows the line of the cheekbones
  • Finger styld pixie cut that always looks good
  • Chin length bob with jazzy curls and amazing volume
  • Razor cut hair with layers and a feathery texture
  • Short silver hair with a rounded back and a graduated neck
  • Short platinum blonde hair with neat and textured sections
  • Short silver hair with a metallic sheen and a pink accent
  • Short 1980s inspired hairstyle with uplifting of the top hair
  • Boyfriend cut with full bangs that drape over the eyes
  • Short pearlescent hair with the sides tucked behind the ears
  • Silver hair with a round shape and large disheveled curls
  • Short hair with asymmetry and jagged texture
  • Short pixied hair with velvety soft spikes
  • Pixie cut with a disconnected top and very short back and sides
  • 1980s inspired pixie cut with lengthening towards the top of the head
  • Copper hair with layering and defined curls for volume
  • Blonde hair with different lengths and one curly side
  • Contemporary hairstyle with one shorter side and wispy tips
  • more short hairstyles

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