Short and Very Short Haircuts (85)

Whatever short hairstyle is calling to you, we think you should go for it and try something new. Short hair is liberating and it makes you stand out. Once they go short, many women never think of growing their hair again. Scroll down for brand new short hair ideas for women!
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  • flirtatious fringe
  • razor-cut bob
  • stacked bob with razorcutting
  • short stacked bob
  • Mohawk shape
  • short blonde haircut
  • trapeze shape haircut
  • short hair with elongated bangs
  • festive short hair with a curly quiff
  • very short 60s style bob
  • short undercut bob and Mohawk
  • bob with one shorter side
  • black hair with blue bangs
  • short purple hair
  • posh bob
  • Mohawk look
  • crimped hair
  • short hairstyle with bangs
  • short hairstyle with spikes
  • jawline length bob
  • bob with forward combed hair
  • blue hair
  • blue on black hair
  • bob with flared out sides
  • glossy short pixie
  • platinum and pink hair
  • silver hair
  • piled short hair
  • silvery blue curls
  • more short hairstyles

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