Short and Very Short Haircuts (85)

Whatever short hairstyle is calling to you, we think you should go for it and try something new. Short hair is liberating and it makes you stand out. Once they go short, many women never think of growing their hair again. Scroll down for brand-new short hair ideas for women!
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  • Easy to do short hairstyle with lift in the bangs
  • Bob haircut with horizontal bangs and razor-cut ends
  • Very short stacked bob with razor cutting
  • High fashion bob with sides that follow an angled line
  • Short hairstyle with Mohawk shaped curls and two tone coloring
  • Short platinum blonde hair with a satiny shine
  • Short trapeze shape haircut with longer top hair and curls
  • Short blonde hair with elongated bangs and buffed up volume
  • Festive style with a curly quiff for blonde hair
  • Short 1960s style bob with long bangs that fall over one eye
  • Hair with a very short undercut styled into a Mohawk
  • Bob haircut with one shorter side and angled bangs
  • Short black hair with long blue bangs and fanned out sides
  • Purple hair with different lengths and a lot of texture
  • Posh bob with the long bangs styled into the face
  • Mohawk inspired hairstyle with a quiff like curl above the forehead
  • Crimped hair with a round structure and a fanned out front
  • Short hairstyle with a flip in the bangs
  • Short haircut with spikes and a section that covers one eye
  • Angled jawline length bob with very smooth styling
  • Bob with feathery tips and forward combed hair
  • Mushroom inspired cut with a combination of black and blue hair
  • Short hairstyle with contrasting blue and black hair
  • Short bob with crimping and flared out sides
  • Glossy pixie cut with very short undercut sides
  • Precision cut platinum blonde hair with a pink color accent
  • Very short haircut with a combination of blonde and silver hair
  • Hairstyle with very short sides and piled up hair
  • Triangular layered hairstyle with large silvery blue curls
  • more short hairstyles

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