Short Fashion Hairstyles for Women (80)

Are you wanting to brave the chop and go for a really short hairstyle? Are you absolutely sure that you won’t get short hair regret? Speak to your stylist before chopping your hair off to find out which hairstyles are going to work well for you. Here is some inspiration to get you started!
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  • Brunette bob with ends that bend outward for volume
  • Short razor-cut hairstyle with steep layering and sideburns
  • Androgynous short haircut with exposed ears and long bangs
  • Short layered hair blown-out for volume and fullness
  • Easy to style short hair with the tips shaped outward
  • Short and comfortable women's hairstyle with gel styling
  • Lively and youthful look with straightened short hair
  • Elegant short hairstyle with the hair pulled to one side
  • Simple short haircut with styling for an elegant retro look
  • Layered bob with frayed ends and soft volume
  • Side view of a classic bob with curved bangs
  • Snug short hairstyle with long wrap around bangs
  • Short geometric haircut with a very trendy appearance
  • Short bob with irregular lengths and modern movement
  • Pixie cut with a very short neck section and long bangs
  • Longer pixie cut with gradual lengthening and flipped up tips
  • Short hair with the bangs styled to the side
  • Punky short hairdo with pointed bangs and slicked back sides
  • Modern bowl cut with bangs that sit very low
  • Short hairstyle with sleek top hair and an undercut
  • Very short blonde pixie cut with short arched bangs
  • Brunette pixie cut with very short sheared sides and thinned out bangs
  • Short layered bob for warm blonde hair with highlights
  • Short hair with waves that make the highlights and lowlights blend together
  • Smooth short hair that follows the shape of the head
  • Smooth and glossy bob with big curls at the ends of the hair
  • Elegant chin length bob with volume and fullness
  • Short platinum blonde hair with blue streaks
  • Above the ears haircut with a buzzed nape and long bangs
  • more short hairstyles

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