Trend Haircuts for Short Hair (79)

Nothing says new hair, new me quite like a short hairstyle. Short haircuts are filling magazines and social media, and women everywhere are wondering if a short hairstyle would be a good choice for them. There’s a short hairstyle for every hair type and face shape. Keep scrolling for ways to wear short hair!
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  • Short retro hairstyle with fluid curves along the sides
  • Snug to the head pixie cut with fine texture and graduation
  • Expressive short above the ears haircut with longer top hair
  • Short hair with two colors and ruffling for a wispy apperance
  • Sleek short hair with a marble color effect and a helmet shape
  • Glamorous short hairstyle with spikes at the back of the crown
  • Short haircut with a long back side and voluminous curls
  • Short haircut with angled styling and a feather of hair
  • Short hairstyle with a nibbled fringe and two tone hair coloring
  • Short hair with a play of multiple layers of hair colors
  • Short platinum blonde hair with elements of punk looks
  • Bob with a lot of lift in the roots and high volume
  • Practical and carefree short hairstyle for summer
  • Short blonde bob with an overlapping partition and feathery bangs
  • Carefree short hairstyle with layers and choppy texture
  • Easy to maintain short hair with curls and volume
  • Short bob with flipped out sides and triangle bangs
  • Neat short haircut for active and sporty women with red hair
  • Layered bob with a graduated neck section and blonde highlights
  • Afro hairstyle with tiny curls for copper color hair
  • Expressive short haircut with a contrast of hair lengths and textures
  • Plunging bob with a veil for shiny black hair
  • Short bob with a lifted neck area and flipped out ends
  • Short in the neck low maintenance hairstyle with a 1950s feel
  • Short bob with retro elements and curves at the ends
  • Bob shaped hairstyle with waves and a lot of volume
  • Short platinum blonde hair with spiked ends and a braided hairband
  • Short rounded bob with textured tips and a natural flow
  • Easy to style pixie cut with highlights in and around the fringe
  • more short hairstyles

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