Hairdos for Short Hair (75)

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life … Just imagine changing your look and opting for a preppy short bob, a stunning bowl cut or a cute pixie! Cutting your hair off takes bravery, but the change can be striking! Scroll down for lots of short hair inspo!
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  • Short haircut for dark hair with red streaks
  • Middle of the neck hairstyle with styling for a wind swept look
  • Short hairstyle with blunt angled edges and free hand chopping
  • Short haircut with layers and flipped out hair
  • Hair with a clipped up nape and sides that angle down
  • Hairdo with the bangs cut high above the eyebrows
  • Hair with short sides and back and a green color
  • Short haircut with straight bangs and a straight neckline
  • Hairstyle with a very short neckline and textured sides
  • Soft and short blonde hair with curls
  • Trendy short haircut with length in the bangs
  • Neck length hairstyle with bangs that sweep across the forehead
  • Preppy almost chin lenth bob with flipped up ends
  • Short hair with curls, waves and retro elements
  • Chin level bob with blunt cut sides and angled bangs
  • Pixie cut with slick wet look styling
  • A-line shape haircut with a high back and tapering
  • Short layered haircut with a lot of lift on the crown
  • Ligth and feathery short hairstyle with lift at the roots
  • Mushroom cut with short sides and long full bangs
  • Sporty and easy to maintain short hair with curls
  • Blonde pixie cut with styling for a romantic feel
  • Red hair cut short around the ears and in the nape
  • Red bob with sharp angles and very straight bangs
  • Short avant-garde haircut for shiny brown hair
  • Ruby red hair cut into a short style with a long neck section
  • Easy to wear bob that you can ruffle with your fingers
  • Sleek short hairstyle that works well with glasses
  • Very short cropped red hair with short textured bangs
  • more short hairstyles

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