Trendy Haircuts for Short Hair (74)

If your heart is screaming for short hair, go for it! While long hair may have a reputation for versatility, short haircuts have just as much styling potential! With the right cut, short and very short hair can look great on any woman. Keep on scrolling for adorable short hair ideas!
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  • Short hair with crimping and multiple hues
  • Precise cut chin length bob with blunt cutting lines and straight bangs
  • Short hairdo with bangs and a windswept element
  • Romantic short hairstyle with wispy sides and curled bangs
  • Short hairstyle with a high and spiky top
  • Women's hair styled into a faux Mohawk
  • Mohawk with short sides and a steep back for women
  • Professional short hairstyle for women at the office
  • Short haircut with a quiff and sides that cling to the head
  • Short hair with long bangs styled into a high arch
  • Short hairstyle with spiky layers and hair that sticks out
  • Haircut with wispy ends and three different shades
  • Short hair with longer spikes and awesome hair colors
  • Soft and romantic chin length haircut with flipped tips
  • Very manageable pixie cut for summer
  • Short brown hair with small and large curls
  • Classy hairstyle with a short back and a long front
  • Short hairstyle with glamorous curls that support eachother
  • Short blonde bob with large curls
  • Short blonde hairstyle with long sweeping curves
  • Fun short blonde hair with curls and waves
  • Chin length bob with pointy tips and an inward turn
  • Bob with diagonal bangs for steel grey hair
  • Haircut with a very short neck and a red hue for Asian hair
  • Asian hair colored red and cut into a choppy short hairstyle
  • Short hairstyle with point texturing and contrasting hair colors
  • Easy to style short haircut for women
  • Short pearly blonde hair with texture and wispy tips
  • Ruffled bob with shorter hair in the back and a plunging angle
  • more short hairstyles

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