Short Hairstyles for Teens & Women (70)

Short hairstyles have become more and more popular for women. Women often shy away from short hair because they fear it won’t suit them or limit what they can do with their hair. However, if done right, every woman can look great with short hair. Scroll on for short hairstyles to choose from.
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  • Wine red hair cut into an almost chin length bob
  • Classic and easy to style pixie cut
  • Haircut with diagonal styling for bright red hair
  • Pixie short hair with bangs and a longer section
  • Short platinum blonde hair with a high pivot point
  • Cleopatra haircut with clean and blunt cutting lines
  • Short punk inspired hairstyle with shaved sides and wavy spikes
  • Blonde mushroom cut with a triangle shape undercut
  • Short hairstyle with high volume and large bouncy curls
  • Short A-line bob with a rebellious and edgy feel
  • Powerful short haircut with strong angles and spikes
  • Fresh short haircut for platinum blonde hair
  • Short hair with a mix of textures and mini sideburns
  • Female power look with buzzed sides and longer top hair
  • Bold pixie cut for dark hair with thin highlights
  • Futuristic deconstructed bob with different hair lengths
  • Short blonde hair with buzzed sides and neck and a purple accent color
  • Short haircut with long bangs that curl at the ends
  • Short three level and three color hair with full bangs
  • Extravagant short hairstyle for flaming red hair
  • Unique hairstyle with different lengths and hair colors
  • Very modern hairstyle with elements of the sixties
  • Blonde hair with buzzed sides and fuchsia color accents
  • Short bob haircut with smooth bangs and a shiny surface
  • Short and easy to style haircut for blonde hair
  • High fashion hairdo for short blonde hair
  • Short hair with point cutting and long side bangs
  • Flattering hairstyle with a short back an jaw-length front
  • Blonde pixie cut with styling for a night out
  • more short hairstyles

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