Short Hair for Teenage Girls & Women (69)

A short hairstyle can be a real beauty asset, whether it’s a conservative bob or a daringly short pixie. A short hairstyle can make a strong statement about self-confidence and independence. If you’re looking for a sassy and chic short haircut, have a look at these delightful trendy styles.
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  • Short hairstyle with large curls and split bangs
  • Young short haircut with layered and textured hair
  • Short hair with strong movement and forward styling
  • Elegant bob with an elongated curved side
  • Short neck and sides hairstyle with longer voluminous crown hair
  • Short hair with huge curls and a curved silhouette
  • Short hairstyle with trapeze shape curls
  • Short pageboy haircut with strongly textured tips
  • Sleek short hairstyle with mini bangs and a fanned out side
  • Short hair with a rounded curve and volume
  • Casual short haircut with long bangs and sleek styling
  • Haircut with buzzed short sides and back for women
  • Very short haircut with buzz cut sides and back for women
  • Easy to take care of short hairstyle for women
  • Short tapered hair with a rugged outline
  • Short hairstyle with a roll-up effect along the sides
  • Pixie cut with soft lines and a high anchor point
  • Short haircut with cubism and a long fringe
  • Short bob with bangs that reach the jaw line
  • Female punk haircut with short buzzed sides
  • Long pixie cut with razor-cut layering and feathering
  • Short circle cut with razor-texture and curls
  • Very short straight bob with mid-forehead bangs
  • Precision cut short hair with an almost helmet shape
  • Punky short hairstyle with fringes on the nape
  • Short bob with a C-shape towards the face
  • Short red hair with twists and turns
  • Short hairdo with a headband and elements of the sixties
  • Short razor-cut hair with layers and frazzled edges
  • more short hairstyles

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