Fashion Styles for Short Hair (106)

Cropped and supercute or sleek and shiny, short hair is always attractive. If you're thinking of a fresh new look, a trip to the salon might be just what you need. No matter which short hairstyle you choose, the result is sure to be cool and will instantly elevate your look. For hair inspo, check out the below styles.
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  • Comfortable angled bob with a shorter back
  • Very short square bob with a longer back section
  • Contemporary short haircut with layers and a shorter neck section
  • Blonde pixie with a full just above the eyebrows fringe
  • Blonde pixie with layers and dual bangs
  • Pixie haircut with layers and long bangs
  • Platinum blonde razor cut pixie with spikes
  • Stylish blonde pixie with thinned out bangs
  • Trendy pixie haircut with very short sides
  • Sporty pixie cut with a very short neckline
  • Blonde pixie cut with light long bangs
  • Pixie with arched bangs for shiny blonde hair
  • Pixie cut with partly revealed ears
  • Contemporary pixie with side swept bangs
  • Elegant pixie cut with side bangs
  • Pixie cut worn with a turtleneck
  • Blonde pixie hairstyle with length in the neck
  • Easy to style pixie cut for every day wear
  • Pixie haircut with the hair styled to the back
  • Pixie cut that reveals the forehead
  • Pixie hairstyle with a messy appeal
  • Elegant pixie cut with the hair combed to the back
  • Practical and easy to style pixie cut
  • Trendy blonde pixie cut with spiky styling
  • Elegant pixie cut for older women
  • Pixie cut with smooth styling for older women
  • Short layered for older women with grey hair
  • Low maintenance and easy to style bob for older women
  • A-line bob with a youthful effect for older women
  • more short hairstyles

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