Pixies and Short Hair Styles (103)

If you’re considering going short, you might need a little inspiration on where to begin. From trendy pixies to feminine bobs and gorgeous shags, there are so many short hair looks to choose from! Check out the inspiration below and get one step closer to great hair!
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  • Short red hair with bold textured sides
  • Short bob with steeply angled layers and movement
  • Short hairstyle with a soft texture around the perimeter
  • Trapeze shape bob with teased hair and raised sides
  • Bob that was personalized to fit the face shape
  • Chin length bob with layers of blonde, black and brown hair
  • Curly hair with a combination of black, purple and blue hues
  • Platinum blonde pixie haircut with pink color accents
  • Mohawk haircut with very short sides for girls
  • Black pixie cut softened with the tips of the scissors
  • Angled platinum blonde bob with black ends
  • Short hair with soft feathery sides and bold bangs
  • Stylish red hair with roundness and curls
  • Collar length hairstyle with an angled cutting line
  • Easy to wear blonde hairstyle with curls and a sleek front
  • Short hair with curls that you can style with your fingers
  • Easy going boyish pixie cut for active women
  • Pixie cut with bangs for blonde bleached hair
  • Haircut with very short sides and longer hair on top
  • Very short pixie cut with needle thin spikes
  • Women's hair with clipper cut sides and back
  • Platinum blonde hair with raspberry color accents
  • Short and curly blonde hair with green bangs
  • Platinum blonde bowl shape hair with orange accent colors
  • Short bowl shaped blonde hair with strawberry pink edges
  • Short black hair with varying lengths and red accents
  • Very short clipper cut hair with a green accent color
  • Very short clipper cut hair with a blue hue for women
  • Short Audrey Hepburn inspired hairstyle with gentle curves
  • more short hairstyles

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