Short Hairstyles & Pixies (100)

Who says that short hair isn’t stylish? From pixie cuts to bobs and anything in-between, short hair is elegant and stylish in its own way. Are you on the brink of getting a short haircut? Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of beautiful short hairstyles for women!
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  • bed-head look
  • two toned bob
  • light pixie
  • short hair with a longer back
  • short textured hair
  • slanted bangs
  • short crimped hair
  • clipper cut red hair
  • blue buzzed hair
  • short hair with pointy sideburns
  • light summer hairstyle
  • short hair with the ear free
  • short hair with gel styling
  • bob with a curved front
  • bob with a rolled up fringe
  • short haircut with streaks
  • short hair with high curls
  • short hairstyle with a long fringe
  • high volume curls
  • short silver hair
  • hair with a green flash
  • short hairstyle with volume
  • purple hair
  • short mahogany hair
  • short hair with gloss
  • black hair with a blue tint
  • undercut hair with free ears
  • sleek short hair cut
  • New York City look
  • more short hairstyles

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