Contemporary Styles for Long Hair (47)

Regardless of your age, you can have whatever hair length you want. The key is to choose the right hairstyle for your hair texture, your face shape and your lifestyle. There’s a long hairstyle for every woman and every taste. Before your next hair appointment, check out these contemporary long hairstyles!
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  • Airy blonde bob with beach waves
  • Long hairstyle with layered mid-lengths
  • Long blonde hair with full bangs
  • Brunette hair with layers and blunt lengths
  • Long hairstyle with balayage highlighting
  • Long sun-kissed hair with a natural appeal
  • Long wavy bob with layers and highlights
  • Dark blonde hair with hazelnut highlights
  • Long matte brown hair with bangs
  • Long layered hair with a natural balayage
  • Permed copper color hair with volume
  • Afro look for women with long hair
  • Classic long hairstyle with waves
  • Long hair with waves and undone styling
  • Long hair with statement colors and asymmetrical bangs
  • Very long hair with vivid waves
  • Long hairstyle for women with gray hair
  • Long straightened hair with crimped sections
  • Long hairstyle with glamorous waves and a center part
  • Long brown hair with small curls
  • Long hair with bright color streaks
  • Long colored hair for older women
  • Long hair with connected layers and curved bangs
  • Long blonde bob with arched bangs
  • Long copper blonde hair with connected layers
  • Long thick hair with layers and full bangs
  • Long blonde hair with layers and wispy bangs
  • Long straight hair with bangs and thinned ends
  • Long hairstyle with layers and curved bangs
  • Long sleek hair with one length bangs
  • Long tousled hair
  • Long hair with curved bangs
  • Hair with straight styling
  • straight long celebrity hairstyles
  • curly long celebrity hairstyles

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