Trendy Long Hairstyles (46)

Long hairstyles are in! Have you been feeling the need for a new hairstyle? There’s no need to cut your hair much shorter. There’s a vast variety of styles for long and very long hair. Before your next hair salon appointment, check out these overwhelming ideas for long hair!
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  • Long hair with a deep red color
  • Bright red hair with curls
  • Blonde hair with curls and slanted bangs
  • Romantic hairstyle with curls and a sleek top section
  • Long blonde hairstyle with tightly curled hair
  • Long silver hair with disconnected layers
  • Very long, thick hair with extensive back-combing
  • Long hairstyle with a weight-line that bends inward
  • Casual hairstyle with a dark base and blonde tips
  • Long open hair and a headpiece with crystals
  • Look with long hair and a lightweight headpiece
  • Glamour look with a headchain
  • Long curled hair and a headpiece with crystals
  • Center parted hair and a broad headpiece
  • Wedding look with an Indian brides headpiece
  • Triangular headpiece that covers the hairline
  • Simple long hair and a headpiece with floral shapes
  • Half up style with high volume and disheveled lengths
  • Redhead with very long sleek hair
  • Feminine look with the hair taken to the back
  • Brown hair with light and bouncy curls
  • Smooth long hair with natural radiance
  • Hair with layered lengths for lightness
  • Long blonde hair with tapered bangs
  • Layered hair with depth and volume
  • Glossy long hair with a natural feel
  • Long brown hair with generous curls
  • Hair with highlights for a sunkissed appeal
  • Very long hair with bouncy waves
  • more medium length hairstyles

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