Contemporary Long Hairstyles (45)

Are you playing with the idea to change your hair? Choosing a new hairstyle can be tough, especially if you are opting for an important change. With a good hairdresser, long hair really can be tailored to suit any hair type or face shape. Here is some long hair inspiration to get you started!
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  • looped fringe
  • soft long hair
  • pastel hair colors
  • flared out fringe
  • long and curly red hair
  • woven fringe
  • red hair with a hair band
  • vintage Hollywood hairstyle
  • hazelnut toned highlights
  • long hair with highlights
  • brown hair with highlights
  • hair with color transition
  • long hair with a natural flow
  • long hair with waves
  • long red hair with a flower
  • long hair with two shades
  • brown hair with highlights
  • past collar bone bob
  • hair with a center part
  • barrel curls
  • supple red hair
  • natural look with red hair
  • spiral shaped curls
  • voluminous long curls
  • long hair with cornrow braids
  • long and short hair combo
  • long hair with dynamic styling
  • hair in a knot
  • silver shag
  • more medium length hairstyles

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