Fashion Cuts for Long Hair (42)

Thinking of changing your hair and going for a new look? There are plenty of options available to find the perfect cut for your long hair. With the right cut, long and very long hair can look great on every woman. Take a look at these lovely long hairstyles and consult with your hairdresser!
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  • blonde hair with pink tips
  • long hair with a long fringe
  • long copper hair with curls
  • long golden blonde hair
  • long hair with an airy feel
  • long hair with color transition
  • straight hair and curls combined
  • A-line cut for long hair
  • blonde hair with blue color accent
  • long hair with waves and curls
  • wide-swept fringe
  • romantic hair with curls
  • romantic waves
  • hair with feathers
  • asymmetrical long hairstyle
  • hair with color variations
  • hand tousled curls
  • bed head hairstyle
  • thick long hair
  • hair with diagonal highlights
  • light weight long hair
  • long hair with tapered lines
  • dip dye hair coloring
  • hairstyle with a wide braid
  • ombre hair coloring
  • strawberry blonde hair
  • long straight hair with bangs
  • tapered long hair
  • long and short hair combination
  • more long hairstyles

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