Modern Hairstyles for Long Hair (41)

Many women are surprised by how much better a new hairstyle makes them feel. Choosing a new hairstyle is not always easy, and it can be a bit overwhelming. It has to fit your face shape, your hair texture, your personality and your lifestyle. Scroll on for long hairstyles to choose from!
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  • Long hair with layers and a soft fall
  • Feminine hairstyle with different shades of blonde
  • Open style with soft volume for long hair
  • Long hair with a contrast of curls and sleek bangs
  • Elegant long hairstyle with a side part and curls
  • Long curled hair styled to one side
  • Healthy long hair that blows in the wind
  • Haircut with a mix of hair lengths
  • Platinum blonde hair with two tone bangs
  • Straight and very long red hair with blunt cutting lines
  • Classic long hairstyle with fluid movement
  • Soft long hair with volume and bangs
  • Long and short hair combined in one haircut
  • Long hairstyle with face framing layers for older women
  • Long haircut for hair with a natural wave
  • Long and silky blonde hair styled over one shoulder
  • Blonde hair with large balanced waves
  • Long hair with feathered sides and curled tips
  • Long hairdo with a band of hair
  • Smooth and shiny brown hair with bangs
  • Classic long hairstyle with a rounded cutting line
  • Smooth and silky hair with tapered sides
  • Long tapered hair with curved and curled ends
  • Long hair with nostalgic flair and bouncy curls
  • Elegant below the shoulders hair with large waves
  • Hippie look with long curled hair and a hairband
  • Neo-goth hairstyle with long layers and teasing
  • Long hairstyle with feathery layers and deep bangs
  • Glamour hairstyle with extensions and a red wine hue
  • more long hairstyles

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