Styles for Long Hair (40)

A long hairstyle can be a true beauty asset. If done right, any woman can look great with long hair. It is important to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape and hair texture. If you are looking for inspiration for a stylish and sassy cut for your long hair, have a look at these beautiful hairstyles!
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  • red curls
  • super long wavy hair
  • hairstyle with twisted bangs
  • long hairstyle with lifted bangs
  • untamed long hair
  • long hair with blended colors
  • teased long hair
  • look with elements of masculinity
  • long hair with spiraled curls
  • big hair with curls
  • long hair with natural movement
  • hair color transition
  • very long hair with curls
  • long hair with two colors
  • long hair with two tones
  • flamboyant long hairstyle
  • rocker chick hairstyle
  • brown hair with a splash of blue
  • hair with a blue color effect
  • fish bone braids
  • long hair draped to one side
  • long hair with bangs that flare out
  • haircut with color contrast
  • black and blonde hair combination
  • blue hair
  • pink hair
  • long shag style
  • practical long hairstyle
  • easy going hairstyle
  • more long hairstyles

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