Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair (39)

Choosing a new hairstyle isn't a one size fits all kind of thing. There are so many factors you have to take into account and it isn’t just about following the latest hair fashion trends. You need a style that flatters you from all angles. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles for women who prefer long hair!
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  • Long brown hairstyle with flowing layers
  • Long blunt cut hair with angled bangs
  • Long vintage hairstyle with marcel waves
  • Long and silky red hair with a middle part
  • Long haircut with silky sleek styling
  • Wavy blonde hair pulled over one shoulder
  • Wispy hair that curves up and out
  • Just below the shoulders hair with springy curls
  • Long Asian inspired hair with wide bangs
  • Sleek long hair with color streaks
  • Sleek two lengths in one hairstyle
  • Long hair with giant waves and much volume
  • Hairstyle with waves that surround the shoulders
  • Long hair with old fashioned water waves
  • Easy to create long hairstyle with blonde curls
  • Goth look inspired hair with waves and curls
  • Long hair with honey blonde layers
  • Long brown hair with color effects and movement
  • Long coppery red hair with mussed curls
  • Platinum blonde hair with purple layers
  • Sleek warm brown hair with caramel highlights
  • Sleek long hair with full sides and thick bangs
  • Long wavy hair styled to one side
  • Long blonde hairstyle with a lifted back
  • Free-spirited and purposely unruly hair with teased texture
  • Long hair with a combination of sleek and curled
  • Waistline length hair with natural texture
  • Mid-back long hair with different shades of blonde
  • Long and wavy hairstyle with dipped hair coloring
  • more long hairstyles

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