Inspiration for Long Hair (33)

Are you a fashion minded woman and thinking of a new haircut? Maybe something unique and a little more daring? There are a lot of things you have to think about when selecting a new hairstyle. Keep on scrolling and check out the below photos for long hair inspiration!
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  • Long hair with long-lasting curls
  • Just below the shoulders hair with layering
  • Shoulder-length hair with spiral curls
  • Long hairstyle with light curls and rounded bangs
  • Long vintage inspired hair with messy curls
  • Very long Asian hair with waves
  • Partial updo with tendrils that drape the shoulders
  • High-volume hairstyle with curls and scrunching
  • Long hair with a smoothed crown and curled ends
  • Long blonde hairstyle with one large curl
  • Long hair with soft curls and scrunching
  • Hairstyle with full curls and long bangs
  • Long chestnut hair with feathering towards the back
  • Long hairdo with corkscrew curls in different sizes
  • Blonde hair with well balanced layers and curls
  • Sleek platinum blonde hair with a silver accent
  • Long A-line haircut with cork-screw curls
  • Long hair with volume along the face and crown
  • Long dark hair with a blue color effect
  • Sunshine blonde hair with volume and big curls
  • Long disheveled hair with sleek elements
  • Center parted hair with large waves and curls
  • Long hairstyle with uplifted frontal hair
  • Long copper hair with an outward curve
  • Long 1920s or 1930s hairdo with a cascade of curls
  • Long razored haircut for naturally wavy hair
  • Very long hair with a lot of root lift
  • Below the shoulders hair with soft voluminous curls
  • Hairstyle for light brown hair with natural curls
  • more long hairstyles

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