Ideas for Long Hairstyles (32)

Does your long hair need a boost and are you considering an update or a complete new look? Long hair is versatile and super-trendy. Whatever your face shape or hair type, there is a suitable long hairstyle for everyone. Take a look at these beautiful long hairstyles for women and make your choice!
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  • Blonde hair with colored hair pieces
  • Long blonde hair with contrasting black streaks
  • Blonde hair with extensions and tapered lengths
  • Long thin hair with extensions
  • Long hairstyle with extensions and curls
  • Very long hair with layers and extensions
  • Long hairstyle with a colored clip-in fringe
  • Long dark hair with a colored fringe attachment
  • Hairdo with clip-in extensions for highlights
  • Long hairstyle with hair attachments that look natural
  • Long layered haircut with curly hair extensions
  • Hairstyle with waves that fall across the shoulders
  • Dark hair with extensions and finger-waves
  • Very long blonde hair with extensions
  • Very long rippled hair with extensions
  • Long hair with contrasting colors
  • Quick and simple hairstyle with extensions
  • Long razor-cut hair with steeply angled bangs
  • Hair with waves and slightly textured ends
  • Hairstyle with slender lines and a high side part
  • Carefree long shag with gradient layering
  • Easy long hairstyle for naturally curly hair
  • Long hair with razor-cut ends and tendrils
  • Long blonde hairstyle with straight layers
  • Long razor-cut hair with smooth tapering
  • Long hairstyle with ends that flare slightly outward
  • Long blonde hair with soft layers and highlights
  • Easy going long hair that frames the face
  • Wet-look styling for long hair with waves and curls
  • more long hairstyles

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