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Trend haircuts for Medium Hair (34)

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  • medium length layered hair
  • iconic hairstyle with waves
  • bob with flipped ends
  • easy hairstyle with curls
  • bob cut in an angle
  • soft long bob
  • mid length hair with large curls
  • thick layered hair
  • no fuss hairstyle
  • brunette bob with waves
  • brown hair with copper highlights
  • bangs cut with a step
  • black shoulder long bob
  • modern shoulder long hairstyle
  • 80s feathered hairstyle
  • hair with pumped up curls
  • hairstyle that elongates the face
  • finger tousled curls
  • bob with feathered extensions
  • easy hairstyle for older women
  • sporty shoulder length hair
  • hairdo for older women
  • manageable hairstyle for older women
  • mature hairstyle
  • trapeze shape hairstyle
  • retro look with curls
  • blonde bob with highlights
  • iconic blonde hair
  • long bob with highlights
  • more medium length hairstyles
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