New Medium Hairstyles (33)

The good thing about medium hairstyles is that they are a fusion of short and long hair. The best of both worlds! Mid-length hairstyles have become increasingly popular choices amongst women of all ages. If you plan to go for the midi look, here are some great medium hairstyles to get you inspired!
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  • long loose bob
  • dark brown medium hairstyle
  • young medium long hairstyle
  • heavy fringed medium hairstyle
  • undone look for medium long hair
  • shoulder length tapered hairstyle
  • long bob with thick bangs
  • hairstyle with textured tips
  • ruffled medium hairstyle
  • medium hairstyle with fine layers
  • hair that curves into the face
  • long tapered bob
  • straight bob
  • long bob with highlights
  • hair with two colors
  • hairstyle with rolled sides
  • two tone hair colorings
  • blonde afro
  • shoulder long hair with spikes
  • combination of two hair lengths
  • easy to style bob
  • bob with finger waves
  • blonde shoulder long bob
  • easy medium hairstyle
  • neck length hairstyle
  • medium hair with a round form
  • easy medium hairstyle
  • mullet
  • fashion hairstyle
  • more medium length hairstyles

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