Fashionable Medium Hairstyles (29)

When it comes to haircuts, it is sometimes difficult to know what you want until you see it. Looking for hair inspiration? Whether you want shoulder length hair or something shorter and a little more daring, get inspired by these fashionable medium hairstyles for women!
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  • hair with blue strokes
  • blonde layers
  • comb-over hairstyle
  • flip hairstyle
  • semi-short hairstyle
  • semi-curly hairstyle
  • reddish hair
  • straight mid-length hair
  • curly brunette
  • curly red hair
  • medium glamour hair
  • roller set hairdo
  • shoulder-length bob
  • long A-line
  • hairdo with wispy ends
  • modern midlength haircut
  • hairstyle with longer strands
  • water waves for hair
  • vivacious medium long hair
  • medium long hair turned inward
  • curly medium hairdo
  • sweeping hair lines
  • bob with flipped sides
  • red layered bob
  • mussed bob
  • carefree curly hair
  • easy going haircut
  • freehand graduation
  • small curls
  • more medium length hairstyles

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