Pretty Medium Haircuts (28)

Are you considering a medium length hairstyle? Medium haircuts are extremely practical, and they feel light and refreshing. A lot of women are happy after going midi length and don’t regret cutting their hair shorter. Get inspired by the below cuts for medium length hair!
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  • Edgy hairstyle with layering in the bangs
  • Multitiered haircut with ends that fall to the collarbone
  • Feminine bob haircut with long bangs
  • Shoulder length raven black hair with curls
  • Big hair with curls and a revealed forehead
  • Medium length hairstyle with waves and a natural appeal
  • Midi hairstyle with auburn brunette curls
  • Haircut with increasing length in the neck
  • Medium length hair with large bouncy curls
  • Goth look for hair with black and purple shades
  • Shag with layers that lengthen towards the shoulders
  • Platinum blonde hair with a long sleek neckline
  • Hairstyle with heavy sections and feathery lengths
  • Bowlish hairstyle with added extensions at the back
  • Pale blonde hair with layers and curls
  • Layered haircut with full-curtain bangs
  • Midi length hairstyle with blonde curls
  • Red hairstyle with twirled and twisted curls
  • Hair with a short crown and length along the neck
  • Medium length hairstyle with perfectly shaped curls
  • Reddish blonde hair with corkscrew curls
  • Smooth shag haircut with a flip in the back
  • Platinum blonde hair with layers and windswept strands
  • Medium long hair with smoothness and glossy lines
  • Bob haircut with razored ends and heavy bangs
  • Blonde hair with ringlets and spiral curls
  • Between chin and shoulders bob with rounded bangs
  • Sleek collar bone length hair
  • Medium length hairstyle with scrunching
  • more medium length hairstyles

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