Latest Medium Hairstyles (24)

Are you tired of looking at the same old hairstyle and would you like to go a little shorter, but not too short? A medium length hairstyle might be exactly what you need. With mid-length hair, styling options are practically unlimited. Scroll down and discover the latest medium hairstyles!
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  • Ash blonde A-line bob with rounded bangs
  • Professional mid-length hair with spiral curls
  • Sleek shoulder length hair with tapered sides
  • Medium length hairstyle with a long nape section
  • Smooth chin length bob with blunt cut bangs
  • Asymmetrical bob with angled bangs and an S-bend
  • Brunette bob with high-volume styling
  • Sleek bob with bangs that touch the eye line
  • Neck-length hair with razor-cut layering at the sides
  • Bob with box layering and curls
  • Hair styled with gel for a wet look effect
  • Medium length hairstyle with soft layers and volume
  • Neck-length bob with razor-cutting and horizontal bangs
  • Medium length haircut for curly hair types
  • Hairstyle with a strong concave shape
  • Hairstyle with a combination of lengths and colors
  • Bob with one longer side and color accents
  • Shag inspired hairstyle with tapered sides
  • Medium length brunette bob with an outward swing
  • Pyramid shape bob with long blunt cut bangs
  • Disconnected bob with pointed tips
  • Medium long face framing hairstyle with tapered sides
  • Wispy bob haircut with textured and beveled sides
  • Choppy medium long bob with varying lengths
  • Hair with airy volume and lift in the back
  • Hair with a mix of brown and blue coloring
  • Medium long copper hair with rough styling
  • Sleek bob with the same length all around
  • Brown hair with purple color accents
  • more medium length hairstyles

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