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Dear readers,
It is always our goal at Hairfinder to present you with the most accurate information possible regarding your hair styling issues and problems. This includes the responses to our “Ask a Stylist” questions. As stated, all questions are answered by licensed cosmetology professionals with the goal of providing simple, readily-understandable answers to the problems presented.
The resources from which we gather our answers include personal/professional experiences, educational texts, fellow professionals, online resources and industry periodicals. With this being the case, it is our goal to provide you with the most accurate responses we can, to the best of our ability, and our responses are always provided in good faith. When new research and resources reveal a previously held belief to be in error, we make every effort to rectify the discrepancy.
However, it is not possible to maintain records of where and from what resource all of the information we use is gathered. To that end, we cannot offer you citing for any particular answer we provide. If the origin of the material information seems pertinent when the question is asked, we will make an effort to include it as part of the answer.
It is also very important to remember that, as hairdressers, we are licensed to advise you only on matters of styling and caring for the hygiene and condition of the hair and skin. Anything that takes place beneath the surface of the skin, (hair loss, skin eruptions, acne, rashes, etc.) fall under the category of medical issues and we cannot advise you on these matters. Please feel free to ask us questions if you are unsure whether it is one we can answer or not, but understand that we may have to refer you to a medical professional.
Furthermore, the veracity and extent to which we can provide answers to any given question is largely dependent on the level of disclosure within the question being asked. Questions that are vague in their presentation or which only give minimal detail, are often only able to be answered by making what seem to be the most logical assumptions given the situation. To make the question process as useful as possible, try to include all the detail you can regarding the problem you are asking about. We can always edit your question for extraneous content, but we cannot accurately predict what you did not say.
We look forward to helping you.
The Hairfinder’s Consultant Team
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