Bobs (25)

Looking for hair inspo? Whether you want to wear your hair at shoulder length or at chin length or shorter, you will love a bob cut! It is a versatile haircut and it can be customized so that it flatters the shape of your face. Before you book your hair salon appointment, get some inspiration from the bob photos below!
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  • mid-neck length bob haircut
  • soft bob with smooth tapering
  • chestnut bob with clear cutting lines
  • short and carefree bob hairstyle
  • short and sleek bob hairstyle
  • short bob with a side swept fringe
  • short 80s hairstyle
  • short bob with double bangs
  • bob with multiple hair colors
  • short bob cut
  • bob hairstyle with blue hair coloring
  • timeless and versatile bob hairstyle
  • bob with chunky hair colors
  • short bob with clean curved lines
  • stacked bob with a curve in the nape
  • horseshoe shaped bob
  • concave bob with elongated sides
  • soft blonde bob
  • short bi-level bob haircut
  • reddish blonde bob with bangs
  • bob inspired by Greta Garbo
  • sharp and clean short bob
  • short bob haircut
  • bob with a slight asymmetry
  • clean, straight and soft bob
  • angled bob with a concave nape
  • disheveled neck-length bob
  • Asian hair bob and a cut-out fringe
  • bob with S-shaped bangs
  • more bob hairstyles

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