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Hairstyles for Little Girls

  • Bob cut for little girls Simple bob cut for little curls. A haircut with clean lines, a center part and narrow bangs.
  • Hairstyle with large curls for little girls Hairstyle with large curls for little girls. Layered to soften the ends and to keep the hair in balance.
  • Hairstyle for girls with natural curls Hairstyle for toddler girls with natural curls. A neck length cut with layers and a thin bangs zone.
  • Shag cut for girls Shag cut for little girls with curly hair. With layers to balance the hair and to avoid the pyramid effect.
  • Razor cut hair for young girls Soft razor cut hair with smooth styling for young girls. The bangs are curved and asymmetrical.
  • Spiral curls hairstyle for little girls Little girls hairstyle with spiral curls. A simple long haircut with layers to balance the bulk.
  • Partial up-style Partial up-style for hair with natural curls. The top is styled smoothly and the rest left to fall loosely.
  • Modern hairstyle for little girls Modern hairstyle for little girls. A cut with layering, small bangs and hair that turns inward at the neck.

  • Bob hairstyle for girls Bob hairstyle for girls with blonde hair. The bangs are long and styled to the side.
  • Short hairstyle for teenage girls Short hairstyle for teenage girls. Chin length hair with layers and criss-cross styling.
  • Long smooth hairstyle for girls Long and smooth hairstyle for girls. Featuring long side bangs and texturing at the ends.
  • Updo for young girls Updo for young girls. Long hair styled into an upswing with tendrils that frame the face.
  • Chin length hairstyle curls Chin length girls hairstyle with large and lofty blonde curls. Long bangs are pinned to the side.
  • Haircut for girls with natural curls Short haircut for girls with natural curls. The hair was layered and scrunched to maximize the volume.
  • Shoulder length bob for girls Shoulder length bob cut for girls. The hair is cleanly parted and the ends are softened with a razor.
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