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New Hairstyles

  • Short hair with sharp cutting lines Short hair with sharp contours. Featuring a graduated neck and a forward plunging shape.
  • Short hair red hair Short red hair with special 3D color accents. A simple haircut with graduated sides and back.
  • Smooth short hair Smooth short hairstyle with a curve around the forehead. The hair color is a pure black.
  • Mushroom haircut Mushroom haircut that resembles a helmet. The long bangs bring attention to the eyes.
  • Short bob hairstyle with sharp bangs Short bob hairstyle with very straight bangs. Beautiful red hair with light and darker tones.
  • Helmet shape haircut Short helmet shape haircut with straight sides and a straight fringe. Hair coloring with streaks.
  • Short hairstyle with a gap in the fringe Short hairstyle with a gap in the fringe. A modern haircut with roundness and clean cut edges.
  • Blonde hair with pink accents Silky blonde hair with pink accents. A short hairstyle with sharp points, side bangs and graphic lines.

  • Long tapered hair Long hair, tapered to add movement to the tips. A simple hairstyle with a retro 70s flair.
  • Casual long hair with waves Casual long hairstyle with beautiful waves. A flattering look that doesn't need a lot of effort.
  • Long hair styled out of the face Long hair styled out of the face. A windblown look with natural movement and wild texture.
  • Messy ponytail Hair styled up in a messy ponytail. Featuring a stylish quiff and lots of texture in the tail.
  • Updo with a flower Romantic updo with a flower in the hair. Long hair bound to a high ponytail on the back of the head.
  • Sleek and long blonde hair Long blonde hair with a center part and sleek styling. A natural look, inspired by retro hairstyles.
  • Long hair with gel styling Long hair with gel styling. A partial wetlook hairstyle with a slicked back crown and sides.
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