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Haircutting lessons from the most creative minds in the industry. Illustrated online step-by-step guides. Online hairdressing education with training videos.
On Becoming a Hairdresser
For many, the art of cosmetology is a calling, for others, it is merely a trade that can be counted on as a fall-back position. Being a hairdresser is a career choice that has as many variations in practice as there are hairstyles.
Talents and Skills to Become a Good Hairdresser
Anyone can cut hair. But not anyone can be a good hairdresser. It is not rocket science to learn the techniques of cutting and coloring hair, but it takes so much more to be really good in this exciting profession.
The Pros and Cons of Being a Hairdresser
No matter what brings you to want to be a hairdresser, or what you expect from a hairdressing career, there are good and bad points about this path.
Haircutting do it yourself
Beginners guide to cutting hair. Articles on the basics of hair care and hairstyling and detailed information, courses and cutting techniques to create many of today’s hairstyles.
Hairdressing and Haircutting coursebooks
A selection of hairdressing and cosmetology books, courses and official guides.
Online hair school
On-line hairdressing tutorials and DVDs. The site is being up dated all the time, so hairdressers or those with an ambition to be a hair stylist will always have a variety of new courses to view.