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Hairstyles for Little Boys

  • Short hairstyle for little boys Hairstyle for little boys. Tapering on the sides and in the back and gel styling for a spiky look.
  • Layered  haircut for little boys Boys haircut with layers and finger styling. The bangs are razor cut for a wispy edge.
  • Shag cut for boys Shag cut with razor-cut ends to soften the hairstyle. Featuring a long fringe and a middle part.
  • Spiky hairstyle for boys Short and spiky hairstyle for boys. The sides are super short and clipper cut, the top hair is longer.
  • Short haircut for little boys Short haircut for little boys. A cut with interior layering, texture and fun spiky styling.
  • Short layered haircut for boys Short and layered haircut for boys. The sides are wedge-cut over the ears and the styling is very simple.
  • Dread locks for boys Dread locks hairstyle for boys. Red hair with afro Caribbean texture that creates the dread locks.
  • Haircut for boys with curly hair Haircut for boys with curly hair. With layers and styled to maximize the natural look of the curls.

  • Easy hairstyle for young boys Easy hairstyle for young boys who want to look more grown up. Long bangs are styled to the side.
  • Easy care cut for boys Easy care haircut for little boys. Rather long, with layers and deep bangs that are swept to the side.
  • Easy to maintain haircut for boys Easy to maintain haircut for boys. Casual, with layers and texture that keep the hair light.
  • Layered cut for boys Layered and slightly choppy cut for boys. The blow-dry styling is casual and towards the front.
  • Devil-lock haircut for boys Devil-lock haircut for boys. The hair length increases from the back to the fringe section.
  • Shag hairstyle for boys Shag hairstyle for boys. The hair is choppy, heavily layered and it falls to the chin area.
  • Boys cut with longer top hair Boys cut with longer top hair that is lifted up. Hairstyle created with gel or mousse and kneading.
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