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Cutting Hair Q&A

Are female hairdressers better than male hairdressers?
Are special cutting techniques used to create spiky hairdos?
Are there any certain clippers, guards, or scissors to use when tapering a man's hair on the side?
Are there different types of layering for long hair?
Can a person really cut their own hair at home?
Can I learn to cut and style my own wigs?
Can I trim my own bangs? Where do I start?
Can you explain a technique to bevel the ends of my hair that can be used at home?
Can you explain disconnected layers and how they are achieved?
Can you explain how to cut hair to achieve flick up at sides and bottom?
Can you explain how to cut wispies at the neckline?
Can you explain the terms square, round, concave, and convex layers?
Can you explain vertical layering for long hair?
Can you explain what paneling is?
Can you give me a few examples of how to take off a cape after a haircut?
Can you give me instructions on how to cut hair to make it curve under?
Can you please explain how to do taper cutting?
Can you please tell me what hair pointing and hair slithering are?
Can you recommend any brands that make good capes?
Can you show me how to give a flattop?
Can you show me how to cut a stacked bob?
Can you tell me how to cut a long-layered shag à la Farrah Fawcett?
Can you tell me how to cut a v-shape into the back of hair?
Can you tell me how to locate a client's baseline correctly?
Can you tell me what club cutting, free hand and scissor over comb are?
Could you please describe the techniques for chipping and slicing?
Could you please explain what mobile, stationary, and shifted methods are in haircutting?
Could you tell me how the barber comb is held in cross checking a clipper cut?
Could you tell me how to do a high elevation haircut?
Could you tell me definitions of break points in a hair cut?
Does my hair stay the same length as it was before and when it gets thinned?
Do you first do the haircut and then thin shear each section half way up and near the end?
Do you have a diagram for the Hamill wedge haircut?
Do you have a diagram of how to layer long hair?
How can I achieve Victoria Beckham's hairstyle with long soft curls?
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