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Cutting Hair Q&A (3)

How would I cut my hair to achieve the long bang look?
How would I cut uniform layers for medium length hair?
I have a habit of cutting split ends when I see them, one at a time. Is that ok?
I have a question on how to cut a short pixie hairstyle.
I have fine thin hair. What should I ask for when I want to grow the layers out?
I have 2 crowns. How much can the cutting on the crown be layered?
I am trying to grow my hair long, but my hairdresser removes too much length with each trim.
I'm left-handed and I use right-handed shears. is it wrong?
I'm looking for the features of these cuts: uniform layer,short & long graduation and one length.
I need to know if you start a pivot bob at the nape of the neck.
Is cutting jagged layers something I'm able to do on my own?
Is it a good idea to give my kids bangs?
Is it a good idea to cut your own bangs?
Is it a good idea to shave my head with a rotary shaver to get a close shave?
Is it appropriate to use clippers to tidy up the stray hairs on the nape of the neck?
Is it ok to trim the ends of your hair with clippers?
Is it possible to combine a wedge and a bob in one haircut?
Is it save to cut hair when it is dry?
Is it true that new haircutting scissors won't cut well and need some run-in time?
Is there a certain angle I need to focus on when cutting hair?
Is there a difference between getting a razor cut and a scissors cut?
Is there a hairstyle that makes your hair hang in front of your face a lot?
Is there a special way to cut long straight very thick hair to the shoulders ?
Is there a way to determine a perfect length to cut the sides & back perimeters ... ?
It seems like hairdressers don't know how to deal with my out of control hair.
I was wondering if the 2.25 inch rule was relevant for wanting short hair.
I would really appreciate it if you could instruct me how to cut the mushroom cut.
My hair has been thinned too much. Any remedies to make it thick again?
Once you texture thick hair, will or can it grow back to how it was?
Please tell me how to get a cut in which hair curves inwards up until the ears.
Question about cutting a shag.
Question about hair cutting guide.
Question about a layering technique.
Should I cut my hair in layers to fix the pyramid effect?
Should I part hair worn with a side part in the middle when trimming it?
Was it a bad idea to cut my thin hair into layers?
What are a uniform layer cut and a short graduation?
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