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How To Dye Hair (2)

Hair Color Fixes
Things you can do when your hair is too dark after coloring. Solutions for the three basic types of haircolor.
Hair Coloring Havoc
Hair coloring in the sixties, seventies, eighties and now.
Hair Coloring Problems in a Salon
A look at the possible hair coloring problems one might encounter in a salon, and what we can do about them.
Hair Coloring Q&A
Questions and answers about coloring hair.
Hair Coloring Problems Q&A
Questions and answers about problems with hair coloring and hair color disasters.
Haircolor for Men
What is an acceptional reason for a man to color his hair and what should he use? For most men the issue that brings up the topic of hair color is covering gray hair.
Haircolor Level and Peroxide Developer
Level refers to the lightness or darkness of a particular haircolor. It’s shown on a scale of one to ten with 1 being black and 10 being palest blonde.
The many pathways you can take if you are serious about highlighting your hair.
Highlighting Hair with a Highlighting Cap
The cap method refers to the use of a plastic cap that fits snugly over the skull.
Highlights Q&A
Questions and answers about highlights and highlighting hair.
How to Change Your Haircolor with Photoshop
Tutorial explaining how you can change the colour of your hair with Photoshop. A fun way to try different hair colors on your own picture!
How to Color Your Hair with Henna
Women in Asia and in the middle East have known about the benefits that Henna has for their hair. Dying the hair with henna can be tricky. If not done right the results can be uneven and blotchy.
How to Choose Natural-Looking Highlights
You need to choose a color that will add depth to the starting color, but that also will blend with the color and not look out of place or result in some unfortunate color results.
How to Dye with Box Hair Color
How to color your own hair with box hair color. Do it yourself instructions for at home hair dyeing.
How to Get Back to Your Natural Hair Color
Factors to consider when you decide to try to reclaim your natural hair color.
How to Look Younger with the Right Hair Color
How to look younger with the right hair color for your skin tone.
How to Make Hair Color Last Longer
All hair coloring fades with time. Learn how to minimize the fading process.
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