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"Women of the 7th Art" by DESSANGE
For over 50 years, DESSANGE has been styling hair for the biggest stars at the Cannes film festival. So naturally, this season the new collection is paying homage to the world of the seventh art and its iconic hairstyles.
Color Hair from Dark to Light
There are several things that must be considered before you take the journey from dark to light hair so you can do it properly and get the look that you desire.
Healthy Shampoo
Hairstory’s New Wash shampoo is an amazing mix of natural ingredients and oils, that are also gluten free. This shampoo can be used on every single type of hair.
"Rock Your Summer" by Jean Louis David
Jean Louis David is proving that one does not have to be an actual rock star to look like one with the new spring/summer hairstyles collection for 2017!
The Disadvantages of Bleaching Your Hair
The prospect of having icy blonde hair is one that is both intriguing and daring to many women looking for a change. However, there is a lot that can happen when you opt to bleach your hair.
Going Short
Many celebrities made the switch from longtime long hair to super short and super cute pixie cuts. Here's what to expect when you cut your own hair short.
Audacious by Camille Albane
From precisely layered and tapered cuts and colors with subtle tones to punchy make-up and thoughtfully designed, colorful accessories, this season’s Audacious Spring-Summer collection amplifies your unique personality.
Backlight by Saint Algue
Saint Algue has come up with incredibly beautiful and advanced hairstyles as well as color concepts that will have you running to the salon for a change that is bound to make heads turn and people stare at the beauty.
Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2017 by Coiff&Co
Here are some super easy yet fun and sexy new hairstyles for the spring and summer months to make you feel like a whole new person.
Couleurs D'été by Intermède
As we head into spring and summer, it is time to shed that winter look and start looking for something that screams fun and free, as that is what these two seasons are solely about.
Eden by Maniatis Paris
André Delahaigue is the celebrated artistic director at Maniatis Paris, and for this collection he has drawn inspiration from literature, geopolitical topics and fashion.
Tchip - Hairstyles AW 2016-2017
This collection showcases some brilliant ways to wear short and medium length hair. Most hairstyles are colored with an ombré technique to enhance length as well as to add an air of volume to the style.
Citadine by Bruno Flaujac Coiffures
Hairstyles that are easy to maintain, bright, colorful and eye-catching. Each style is unique and suitable for a hectic life.
Color Me Up by VOG Coiffure
VOG Coiffure is bringing creativity back by transforming shorter hair from bland and boring to flirty and fun.
Facts about Human Hair
31 interersting facts about human hair. Things you migth already know and amazing facts that will have you surprised.