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Smelly Hair
Things you can do on the go to make sure that your hair always smells great. Tools and solutions to combat smelly hair.
Bleached Hair For Men
It seems totally cool for women to go bleached blonde, but what about men bleaching their hair? Why would a guy dare to choose platinum blonde?
Hair Clippers Buying Guide
What you need to look for when purchasing the right clippers for your needs. It's an investment and you want to put your money in the right brand.
Silver Foxes: How to Own Your Gray Like a Male Star
It almost seems like men going gray is something that makes them appear more dignified and sophisticated whereas women shy away from the idea in general.
Home Hair Coloring: Tips and Tools
How do you successfully color your hair at home with the best results and with the most ease? Some tips and tools to help you achieve your home hair goals.
Your Salon’s Reputation
The online reputation of your salon and how negative reviews can destroy a hair salon business. How to fix bad reviews.
Salon Assistant Jobs
Being a salon assistant is a phenomenal way to get hands-on experience not just in a school and classroom but in a highly functioning hair salon.
Going Gray on Purpose
The gray hair color trend and how to color your hair gray on purpose. Artificial gray hair this is a great option for any age if you want to go gray on your own terms.
Build-Up in Hair
Too much build-up is not healthy for your hair and will make styling difficult and cause an overall weighing-down, but is it really as dramatic as distributors make us want to believe?
How to Grow Long Hair as a Man
If you decide that you are one of the males who desires to have long hair and you want to look more like one of those male celebrities with long hair, it is time for you to start having a hair routine.
Kid friendly hair salons
How to make a hair salon more kid friendly. Making a salon kid friendly does not mean that you have to change your salon around in a dramatic manner.
Black Light Hair Color
Neon hair that glows under UV light. The fluorescent hair look caught on when it was discovered that hair color could in fact glow and look great.
"Women of the 7th Art" by DESSANGE
For over 50 years, DESSANGE has been styling hair for the biggest stars at the Cannes film festival. So naturally, this season the new collection is paying homage to the world of the seventh art and its iconic hairstyles.
"Rock Your Summer" by Jean Louis David
Jean Louis David is proving that one does not have to be an actual rock star to look like one with the new spring/summer hairstyles collection for 2017!
Backlight by Saint Algue
Saint Algue has come up with incredibly beautiful and advanced hairstyles as well as color concepts that will have you running to the salon for a change that is bound to make heads turn and people stare at the beauty.
Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2017 by Coiff&Co
Here are some super easy yet fun and sexy new hairstyles for the spring and summer months to make you feel like a whole new person.
Couleurs D'été by Intermède
As we head into spring and summer, it is time to shed that winter look and start looking for something that screams fun and free, as that is what these two seasons are solely about.