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ART EGO Hairstyles Collection
ART EGO by Sanké Hairdressers is a beautiful collection with one long hairstyle and several attractive pixie cuts.
Bi-Couture by Sassoon
High couture of hair today brings together strong visions of bold design, with an unsurpassed wearablitity.
Optica by Sassoon
Geometry and an androgynous undertone are the seasonings of the short cuts, while medium long hairstyles are utterly feminine with strong movement.
Not Too Short Hairstyles
Check out these awesome not too short halfway hairstyles that’ll transform your look, yet still have enough length for easy maintenance.
One Day in the City by Jean Louis David
Bright, warmhair colors and amazing cuts by Jean Louis David illuminate the city scenes and transform hairstyles into art with creative details, innovative techniques and much inspiration.
Soleil d'Hiver by Saint Algue
Saint Algue's goal with this hairstyles collection was to bring some sweetness and warmth to the days that are becoming more and more frosty.
Hairstyles Fall-Winter 2015-2016 by Intermède
Indulge in colors, light and gorgeous haircuts this fall and winter season. Intermède makes this easy with their new collection.
Bleutiful by Fabio Salsa
Fringes are still a big hit and in his new hairstyles collection Fabio Salsa shows us several intriguing ways how to wear them in a sexy and elegant way.
Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 by Coiff&Co
Hair is supposed to be fun and Coiff&Co have put much laughter and humor into their new lighthearted and inspiring hairstyles collection.
Individuality & Creative Structural Change by ZV
Creativity and individuality are the fine seasonings that gives the latest summer hairstyles their special flair.
WOB by Eric Zemmour
Winter 2016 hairstyles. Eric Zemmour once again created an amazing array of hairstyles for modern women, who just like things to be a little bit different and special.
Cebado Looks
With their latest hairstyles the Spanish coiffeur presents looks that capture not only the latest trends in hair fashion, but also extremely flattering ways to express the personality of each woman.
Hanami by Hairing
In the soft pastel colors of spring and with a hint of oriental design, this collection celebrates newborn beauty.
Rebirth 7.0 by Papas and Pace
To call these looks creative is an understatement. There is true genius at work as it is proven in every color and every line of these innovative, refreshing hairstyles.
Good Bad Girls by Klaus Peter Ochs
In his new collection Klaus Peter Ochs shows all of the good of the bad girls in a runway ready, done and undone, punk rock, phenomenal firework of hair.
Metropolis by Andrew Collinge
The very modern design is inspired by the fashion of the roaring 20s, the futuristic ideas found in the movie Metropolis and by the flair of the mega cities of the world.