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Hairstyles for Chubby Women

How the right haircut can make heavy women look slimmer!
Has life dealt you with an extra chin whenever you smile? Do your eyes disappear when you laugh? Are you shocked with the discovery that when you stand up straight, you no longer can see your shoes, but your tummy and this is even when you are sucking it in? Well, join the rest of the Chubbikins family that are spread out around the globe and who are continually trying to fight the fight of fat, especially when they look in the mirror and see too much of themselves sulking right back at them.
We embrace our Chubbikins family with love; because we know they love their fried chicken, pizza and beer more than celery sticks and ice cream more than the boring, yawn…flan. Our kind of people alright, but how can you at least give the illusion of looking thinner even when you just gained 5 lbs?
Heavy woman with short hair Scrutinize your hair, are you still wearing it long and grappling below your shoulders? Bulk is not good, unless it is in dollar signs. Give the ghost up, bite the bullet and get a haircut. That is not a sacrament or a vulgar word! Haircut, haircut haircut! There! I said it again!
As our body changes, so does our hair. The kind of hair you had when you were in your 20’s or 30’s is not what a 50 year old will have, especially if you are a bit cumbrous. For some unknown scientific reason, some ample women develop thin hair. Blame it on your thyroid or sugar, but nothing is more unbecoming than long stringy hair on a substantial woman.
If you happen to be short and squat, you don’t want a shingled bob, because all of a sudden you are going to look just like one of those mushrooms we stumble upon when we hike in the woods. You also do not want your hair shaved, because your head is going to resemble a sugar pea and there will be too much contrast between your larger body. Forget about a ponytail, it still won’t do that much for you. It will look exactly like you have long hair worn into a ponytail and for some reason it doesn’t take one ounce off of your form.
Somewhere between the pixie cut and a bob could be perfect for you. If you have the thinner hair, get a light permanent and have your hairstylist shape it a little bit after the perm, this will look just like naturally curly hair. You just comb and allow to air dry. When dry, fluff up with your hands. If your cheeks are unusually cheeky, place some of your curls there to cut the roundness that you are blessed with.
Now stand once again and turn on your side and look in the mirror and notice how you seem to look slimmer. Although, your jeans might still feel a bit snug, you appear a bit taller and smaller. Looks like a miracle to me! It’s the haircut, baby!
Test the waters and begin to look at short hairstyles on Hairfinder and in magazines; you will know the right one when you see it. Be gradual; don’t go too short at first, so you can slowly work your way up into the different shapes.
Buy tailored (not skin tight) subdued colored clothes for going out. You do not have to live a life of mourning in black clothes, but do be conservative. For example, instead of wearing a bright strawberry, select a dark wine or medium raspberry. Pick subdued colors over the bright ones and you will look lovely. Same with the color of your hair, select warm beige over a hot gold.
Even though you may have more than your share of voluptuous curves, you can still be very striking with just a little bit of intellectual maneuvering.
Penny Williams - Hair Stylist
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