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Hair Care Q&A (2)

How can I protect my hair while I'm sleeping?
How can I soften my hair and what hair care products do I need?
How can I tame my hair at the beach?
How can I tell if hair damage is the result of it having been texturized at some point?
How do steam rooms affect your hair?
How do you carry out a hair porosity test?
How do you wrap a towel in turban fashion?
How many brush strokes for healthy hair?
How should I treat hair that has been affected by well water?
How to avoid split ends?
I am a swimmer and I have to wash my hair often. I have split ends & dry hair.
I breakout every time I wear my oily hair down around my face.
I have dry frizzy hair. How can I control the frizz?
I have hair breakage which seems to have started since I'm on medications.
I have managed to get my hair sticky. Please help.
I have more split ends after cutting my hair in a bob.
I have white dead ends in my hair and I've noticed I get breakage points at the ends.
I heard that Tahitian Tiare oil is good for your hair. What is it and what does it do?
Is it better to blow dry your hair or air dry?
Is it better to wash your hair with cold water?
Is it better to wear silk or satin blouses when you want to keep your hair very healthy?
Is it ok to steam hair when applying hot oil cream if hair is damaged and frizzy?
Is it ok to use flat irons for the hair during pregnancy?
Is it possible to help dry damaged hair with a mixture including tequila?
Is it true that talcum powder is a good solution against greasy hair?
Is it true that your hair could be less damaged if you put olive oil in it to condition?
Is long hair less prone to getting oily?
Is over washing your hair possible?
I started taking medication and now my hair is lifeless. Is this the medication?
Is teasing your hair bad and will it make you lose your hair or cause split ends?
Is there a certain product to moisturize dry and frizzy hair?
Is there a product I can put in my hair that will make it smooth after it gets wet?
Is there a solution for my oily bangs?
Is there a way I can protect my hair from the chlorine when swimming?
Is there oil I can get for my hair to try to un-mat it?
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