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P.A.M. Hair Style - Spotlight

The creative team at P.A.M. Hair Style brings forth a cutting edge collection of bold, urban styles. Rich, vibrant colors and bold application techniques create a medium with which styles are literally carved into exciting and energetic looks.
This isn't your grandmother's hairstyle - in fact, this isn't a style collection for the faint of heart. These are styles designed for the women with the vibrancy and courage to be seen and admired for their spirit and strength.
    aubergine hue hair faux sideburns hairstyle hairstyle with longer side-lock long forelock new and edgy pixie style flamboyant short hairstyle forward styling for short hair
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Hairstyles: P.A.M. Creative Team
Creative Team: Mandy & Pietro, Carla & Melanie, Anne & Daniela
Visagist: Christine Eleven
Photography: Thommy Mardo
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