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Feminine Power

A beautiful shape, dynamic and very feminine. The base of this innovative look for long hair is the overlapping contours with strong differences in length, all flowing together. The base length remains compact in the layered hair, the top hair is textured on the inside. The result is a slender silhouette, which is subtly broken with the volume on the crown. Color gives a luxurious touch: a warm shade of brown, rendered luminous through red - golden reflexes. This kind of subtlety comes with a big Wow!
Result is a look that radiates power and femininity and that is very good choice for those who want to look professional but also modern and stylish. For the evening it can become a bit swankier. A blow dryer and styling products add volume. The showstopper however is the asymmetrically styled tips. Turned outward on top and bend inward in the lengths.
professional style for long hair
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Collection: Triple-Chic
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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