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Pure Elegance (2)

The power of black is evident in this wild and stylish version of the layered and textured bob. The neat image got stripped of and it is a bunch of wild curls now that tempt your senses. To achieve this impressive and intense look the damp hair is treated with a good mousse and a glossy agent, styled with a hot iron in the shape of curls and extreme points.
You can even work in a few angles to increase the extravagance. For the finish a little tousling with the fingers infuses all of the sex appeal you want. Most of the volume is on top and the contour is very round to balance all of the movement within. The side fringe continues the elegance of the base shape.
layered bob with curls
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Collection: Triple-Chic
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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