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Calm Finesse

Who says that everything has to be spectacular all the time? Sometimes the art lies in the understated. Just like this variation of a casually styled short hair cut: the volume on the crown creates glamour all by itself. While combing it with the fingers, the hair is simply blow dried towards the back, use the proper styling products to aide with the hold. The starting point is a soft layered cut with very gently textured tips.
Highlights in a light red brown color are applied with a combing technique and bring great reflexes into the rich brunette. The versatility of this cut is based in the even layering and the overall feathery texture. Refined: one moment it is ready for a night out, then again girly and as natural as Meg Ryan. It is the feathered texture and the wispy, flipped out ends that do the trick.
short hair with flipped out ends
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Collection: Triple-Chic
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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